Thursday, June 04, 2020
Advanced Editing: Titles & Containers

Once you have any module placed on the page, you may want to change how it looks:

Editing the Title
Styling the Container

Admin: Useful Tools

Administrators are called upon to do more than the average editor... here's how to be a Super Hero!

Creating Users and Roles
Newsletters & Bulk Email
"OOPS! I Accidentally Deleted Something!?"

Basic Layout: Pages & Modules

To get started, you might want to create a new page, set its visibility and permissions, then add and arrange modules on the page.

Add / Edit Pages
Add New Module
Arrange Modules on the Page
Delete a Module

Content: Other Modules

While the HTML module is the staple, other common modules have advantages in their functionality:

Using the Calendar
Working with the Documents Library

Basic Editing: the HTML Module

The module you work with most is the versatile  HTML module. Here are videos outlining the most often used tasks for that module.

Editing / Styling Text
Pasting from MS Word
Links to other Pages
Links to Email
External Links
Links to Documents - disabled as of August 2019
Working with Images - disabled as of August 2019

Miscellaneous: Help & Tips

Sometimes you don't even know what you don't know! Here are some ways to get help and ideas for tips & tricks...

Help Getting Help
Duplicating Content Across Pages
Changing your Password & Profile information